We have lots of interesting and fun events throughout the year. All are in the interests of keeping older people safe, connected and supported, and the majority of them are free. If you’d like to attend any of these events, or find out more, please contact Marnie on 03 544 7264 ext 5, or email:

Staying Safe Driving

This is a classroom-based workshop that offers senior drivers a refresher of the road rules. Led by a driving instructor, it covers all the basic road rules as well as offering drivers the chance to ask questions. Upcoming dates:

  • TBA

Please contact Jackie on 5447624 ext 4 to register or email

Life Without A Car

We provide information about keeping mobile when you are no longer driving. No longer driving doesn’t have to limit your activities or prevent you from enjoying life. Come along and find out how to maintain your independence and freedom on:

  • TBA

Please contact Jackie on 5447624 ext 4 to register or email


This is a programme developed by the AA that offers senior drivers the chance to be ‘fitted’ as safely and comfortably in their car as possible. Trained volunteers and an Occupational Therapist can make adjustments to the car as well as discussing any issues around mobility and driving. Upcoming dates:

  • TBA

Please contact Jackie on 5447624 ext 4 to register or email

International Day of the Older Person

1 October is International Day of the Older Person. Every year we organise a significant event to celebrate this very important day, which was established by the UN.

Stayed tuned for information about this year’s event.






Advance Care Plan

Imagine you have been admitted to hospital unable to speak and are critically ill. How do you want the hospital staff to treat you? If your life is in the balance, do you want them to pull out all stops and revive you? Or would you prefer that they do something else? If you have an Advance Care Plan (ACP), this will tell what you want them to do. An Advance Care Plan is the process of thinking about and planning your future health care and end-of-life care. It’s about identifying what matters to you.

Mary-Ann Hardcastle, the ACP Facilitator from Nelson Bays Primary Health will be running several information sessions and workshops which give people a chance to complete their Advance Care Plan prior to going to their General Practice. Please see below for dates and times.

  • Wednesday May 11, Richmond Office, Workshop, 1-2pm
  • Tuesday 28 June, Nelson Office, Information Session, 10-11am
  • Tuesday 16 August, Nelson Office, Workshop, 10-11am
  • Wednesday 14 September, Richmond Office, Workshop, 1-2pm
  • Tuesday 11 October, Nelson Office, Information and Workshop, 10-11.30am
  • Wednesday 23 November, Richmond Office, Information, 1-2pm

For more information or to register, please contact Marnie on 03 544 7624 ext 5 or

Information Sessions

We have a number of Information Sessions coming up in our Nelson Office. See below for topics, dates and times.

  • Tuesday 17 May from 10-11.30am, Wellby Signposter Training, Wellby is a new social connection initiative, and it needs caring community members to help others find out what’s going on in our community. Please register at or call 03 5467681
  • Tuesday 24 May from 10-11am, St John’s, Sarah Carpinter will be talking about the range of services they offer, including a demo of how to use a defibrillator.
  • Thursday 26 May from 1-3.15pm, More Stable More Able – A workshop focusing on falls prevention FREE.    Booking required 5391171
  • Tuesday 7 June from 10-11am, Sleep Better, with Chris Allison, from Health Action Trust. Some practical information on how to get a   better sleep.
  • Tuesday 21 June from 10-11am, Blind Low Vision, Roy Myers gives an insight into the organisation’s services and support offered.
  • Tuesday 5 July from 10am-12 noon, Life Without a Car – tips and practical information on how to get around once you  stop driving.
  • Tuesday 26 July from 10-11am, Citizens Advice Bureau, we’ve all heard of the Citizens Advice Bureau but come along and find out what they actually do.

Summer Activities Series

Click on the link below for a full timetable of the Summer Activity Programme for Seniors.

2022 Summer Activities